Skytamer Images


The “SkyCard Shop”


The “SkyCardShop” by Skytamer Images offers a large selection of vintage aviation and military related Non-sports cards. Basically, if it “flies through the air with the greatest of ease” and doesn’t have feathers, we collect the cards to scan for our Skytamer Images website. These high-resolution card images (600 dpi) are then featured in the “Airplane Trading Cards” section on our website. After that, we sell the cards via our SkyCardShop.

If the card(s) you are searching for are not currently being offered in the SkyCardShop, please tell us what you need by emailing us your want-list(s) to Hopefully, we might be able to help you fill the gaps in your collection(s).

We just opened the SkyardShop on 1 July 2018. We will be continuously adding new cards on a daily/weekly basis. Thank you for visiting the SkyCardShop. Best wishes and good collecting.